About Our Partners

Advancing Wisconsin was created, in part, to provide assistance to other progressive organizations in their field and organizing efforts. Advancing Wisconsin collaborates with leading progressive organizations to enhance their organizing efforts and assist in building their own capacity and name recognition. Our permanent infrastructure and data collection techniques allow each issue campaign to build upon our previous work and expand Wisconsin’s progressive infrastructure for future campaigns.

Partners List

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters is the most sophisticated environmental organization in Wisconsin and pursues aggressive issue and electoral programs. WLCV is in the midst of one of their largest campaigns to date – a global warming initiative focused on passing comprehensive global warming legislation in Wisconsin.

“Advancing Wisconsin has helped us identify, recruit, and engage hundreds of new activists in the conservation movement – significantly expanding our grassroots advocacy efforts.”
– Kerry Schumann, Executive Director

Voces de la Frontera

Voces de la Frontera is a Wisconsin nonprofit that educates workers about their employment rights and organizes to protect and improve the quality of life for low-wage and immigrant workers. Voces promotes grassroots leadership and community and workplace organizing as a strategy to achieve their goals. Voces operates workers’ centers in Milwaukee and Racine.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsi

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin (PPAWI) is the most trusted name in Wisconsin in women’s health care. As the leading voice for women and families in the state, PPAWI conducts a large and successful operation that educates and lobbies in support of reproductive rights, protecting women’s health care, and works to elect candidates who support family planning and a woman’s right to choose.

“Through our partnership with Advancing Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood knocked on the doors of more than 55,000 voters – identifying supporters, delivering major victories for pro-choice issues and candidates, and saving thousands of dollars.” – Tanya Atkinson, Vice President Public Affairs & Education.

Fair Wisconsin

Fair Wisconsin is the only statewide organization dedicated to advancing and protecting the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people through lobbying and electoral programs. Fair Wisconsin successfully lobbied to pass domestic partnership protections for committed same-sex couples in Wisconsin, and this great victory has put them in a strong organizing and political position for the future advancement of LGBT issues.

“Like so many other progressive organizations, Fair Wisconsin has relied on Advancing Wisconsin to help build capacity around key problems. With their help, we were able to grow our program and formalize our volunteer structure into powerful Action Networks.” – Katie Belanger, Executive Director