Past Programs

2009-2010 State Budget Program

Advancing Wisconsin canvassed voters across the state to encourage voters to contact their public officials and urge them to support a progressive state budget. Following the budget vote, field organizers went back to targeted districts to conduct a ‘thank you’ program encouraging voters to call and thank their legislators for their support of a progressive budget.

Advancing Wisconsin is proud of the work done around the state budget and the public officials who supported the budget in these tough economic times. Advancing Wisconsin will continue to conduct door-to-door operations in support of progressive issues, and help to establish the relationships and communications between public officials and residents around Wisconsin.

2009 Spring Program

Issue Advocacy and Grassroots Lobbying

State Supreme Court and Department of Public Instruction

Staging operations around the state, Advancing Wisconsin conducted a canvassing program talking to voters about issues surrounding the State Supreme Court and the Department of Public Instruction offices. Advancing Wisconsin used the opportunity to talk about judicial integrity and victims’ rights as related to the Supreme Court and increasing graduation rates and public education accountability as it relates to the Department of Public Instruction.

Dane County Issues

Advancing Wisconsin conducted a canvass operation in Dane County which encouraged voters to contact Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk to thank her for her work in improving public safety and bringing green jobs to our community.

2008 Program

2008 was Advancing Wisconsin’s inaugural year and could not have been better. Coordinating an immense collaborative effort, the scale of which Wisconsin had never seen, Advancing Wisconsin knocked on the doors of over 1.2 million voters, partnering with leading progressive organizations to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

The success of progressive causes and candidates presents both tremendous opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing landscape of Wisconsin and our country. Advancing Wisconsin seeks to meet these challenges and take advantage of the amazing opportunities before us through aggressive, innovative and sophisticated plans to advance a progressive public policy agenda.