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Beware: Chinese Hackers Exploit Fake Skype for Cryptocurrency Scam

In a digital landscape rife with innovation and convenience, cyber threats’ dark underbelly continues to loom. Recently, analysts from SlowMist unearthed a nefarious scheme: a counterfeit Skype app engineered by hackers in China. This sham software was a gateway to siphon off hundreds of thousands of dollars in various cryptocurrencies, exploiting unsuspecting users. Let’s delve […]

Assessing Cryptocurrency’s Relevance: Addressing Challenges Amidst Growing Concerns

The fascination with crypto billionaires often overshadows the precarious nature of cryptocurrency markets. While these fluctuations might not significantly impact affluent investors, the average individual’s exposure to the volatility of this risky asset raises apprehensions. With an estimated 425 million crypto users, the potential ripple effect from a collapse in the crypto sphere could inflict […]

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Crypto Reporting Regulation: Impacting Taxation on Digital Investments

The surge in digital asset investments during the pandemic, fueled by stimulus funds and the allure of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, created a frenzy that reverberated across the investment landscape. Amidst this wave, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) emerged as another digital asset garnering considerable attention. Although the feverish excitement has waned, the global crypto market still commands […]